Triton Roller Cone Drill Bits

Achieve a quality borehole

Field-proven, cost-effective technology

Our Triton™ roller cone drill bit is the dependable, low-priced solution. Time-tested technology with cutter and frame durability ensures dependable performance and delivers a quality borehole.

Better ROP

Large cone offset. Deep intermeshed teeth with good ventilation. Triton roller cone drill bits go farther at fast ROP.

First-rate drilling efficiency

The Triton roller cone cutting structure—with relieved cone steel, aggressive tooth pitches, and active shear-cutting gauge compacts—takes out uncut rock ribs at the corner of the hole.

Our engineers designed this comprehensive line of drill bits for rotary speeds in low compressive strength soft formations.

Reliable bearing   

The field-proven bearing package is based on decades of research into elastomers, lubricants, bearing geometry, and metallurgy.

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