Vanguard Premium Tricone Drill Bits

Lower cost-per-foot using premium roller cone drill bit technology in high-cost intervals

Baker Hughes Vanguard™ tricone roller cone drill bit platform lowers your cost-per-foot with improved bit reliability and decreased NPT in high-cost intervals. We integrate our engineering and application expertise with fit-for-purpose designs that allow you to drill faster with longer bit life.

These steel tooth and TCI roller cone drill bits have long-lasting, stabilized HAR elastomer seals or metal-face seals in the sizes you need. We’ve advanced the bearing and seal life, grease formulation, cutting structures, and carbide grades for enhanced reliability, steerability, and increased ROP. With our proven track record in global applications, you can rely on our roller cone drill bit solutions to achieve your drilling objectives in complex intervals.

Are you concerned about the technical drilling difficulty of an upcoming well? How about the extreme temperature downhole? Or those high build-up rates expected in directional applications? Contact us to optimize your drilling program.


Vanguard Directional Tricone Roller Cone Bits

Vanguard Directional tricone roller cone drill bit is engineered with greater reliability for faster TD completion rates in intense directional intervals.


Vanguard Steel Tooth Drill Bits

Designed for soft-formation aggressive drilling, Vanguard Steel Tooth™ tricone roller cone bits are setting new performance benchmarks.


Vanguard Geothermal Drill Bits

Vanguard Geothermal™ tricone roller cone bits increase available drilling time between trips and reduce bits per section.


Vanguard Arabia Drill Bits

Vanguard Arabia™ tricone roller cone bits drill longer distances in the Middle East’s less-abrasive, hard-carbonate formations.


Vanguard Air Performance Tricone Drill Bits

Vanguard™ Air performance tricone drill bits maximize penetration rates and downhole rock destruction in air-drilling applications.

Rotary Steerable Systems

Our rotary steerable and automated systems have precise steering controls for exact wellbore placement to maximize production.

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