Vanguard Arabia Drill Bits

Drill longer distances in hard carbonates

Vanguard Arabia™ roller cone drill bits drill longer distances in the Middle East’s less-abrasive, hard-carbonate formations. These tungsten carbide insert (TCI) roller cone drill bits have super-tough carbide grades that minimize breakage from impact damage. You can rely on the improved cutting structure and seal life for greater footage.  

Middle East operator nearly triples ROP using large-diameter TCI roller cone

Working in a nonabrasive carbonate formation, an operator was dissatisfied with short bit runs. The operator asked us to increase roller cone drill bit performance in this formation.

Our DART™ design application review team—comprising application experts, design engineers, and operations—collaborated with the operator to determine the reason for the poor roller cone performance.  

The team recommended a 16-in.Vanguard Arabia TCI roller cone with STL™ shirttail and leg hardfacing, high-aspect ratio elastomer seal, enhanced heel row, and HighFlow™ extended nozzles.

Because this drill bit was engineered specifically for the formation’s characteristics, the operator achieved significantly greater ROP. This premium roller cone drilled 92 ft/hr [28 m/hr] compared with 40 ft/hr [12 m/hr] for one of our traditional drill bits. Compared with the competitor offset of 32 ft/hr [10 m/hr], we nearly tripled ROP. Please call us or send us an e-mail to find out more.    

INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

The INTEQ™ drilling optimization service combines an unparalleled engineering process with certified experts who focus exclusively on improving your drilling performance.

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