Vanguard Geothermal Drill Bits

Increase roller cone drill bit life for improved geothermal energy economics

Vanguard Geothermal™ roller cone drill bits increase drilling time and reduce bit trips. Use these bits for continuous drilling up to 550 deg. F [288 deg. C]. You can rely on our patented metal-face seal with high-temperature elastomer components to improve green energy drilling economics.

Traditional roller cone elastomer seals don’t hold up in this tough environment, causing early seal failures at approximately 275 deg. F [135 deg. C]. With our technology, we surpass that temperature barrier easily.

We’re collaborating with operators who are recording significant ROP improvements in Australia and California geothermal drilling operations. By increasing your ability to drill successfully, regardless of your location, Vanguard Geothermal roller cone drill bits are economically accessing clean energy sources. Please call us or send us an e-mail to find out more. 

Geothermal Energy R&D

We’re participating in multimillion-dollar-funded geothermal R&D with governments and universities in Europe and North America.

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