Vanguard Steel Tooth Drill Bits

Increase ROP using a superior roller cone drill bit cutting structure

Designed for soft-formation aggressive drilling, Vanguard Steel Tooth™ roller cone drill bits are setting new performance benchmarks. Operators are recording significant ROP gains with more footage and less trips using our improved steel tooth cutting structure that extends bit life.

As part of our culture of continuous improvement, this drill bit has a new elastomer or patented metal-face seal and a new cutting structure. STL™ shirttail and leg hardfacing enhance seal and leg protection. Interested in finding out how our aggressive Vanguard Steel Tooth roller cone drill bits can improve your drilling performance? Please call us or send us an e-mail to find out more.    

Operator drills 30% farther and 15% faster

An operator working in Louisiana asked us to recommend a more effective, less-costly approach to the area’s tough formations of interbedded shale and sand with occasional limestone, chert, pyrite sections. These conditions also cause a high probability of balling that, combined with an interbedded formation, means PDC bits usually are ineffective.

One of our 9 7/8-in. Vanguard Steel Tooth roller cone drill bits from surface tore through 6,400 ft [1,951 m] of interbedded formations at a rate that was 15% faster and 30% farther than any comparable offsets. The roller cone was pulled for hours after more than 840 K-revs with effective seals. Cost-per-foot decreased 13% with one less bit trip.

Gulf of Mexico

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