High-Pressure Surface Debris Filtration Unit

Protect downhole tools and equipment by keeping completion fluids free of debris

Debris in the wellbore during and after completions accounts for more than 5% of downhole tool failures in the Gulf of Mexico and more than 6% of tool failures globally. Tool failures can cause time-consuming, costly trips, the loss of production zones or, in some cases, loss of an entire well.

To remove solids from completion and fracturing fluids, Baker Hughes has designed a versatile, unique high-pressure surface debris filter unit (HPDU™). The HPDU protects downhole tools and equipment by keeping the fluids free of damaging debris.

The unit can reduce the rate of downhole completion tool failures caused by debris, assuring operators that wellbore debris will not diminish production.

The HPDU system connects directly to the rig standpipe downstream of rig tanks and high-pressure pumps. It works in many environments, including in land, shelf, and deepwater environments, and can operate in environments up to 10,000 psi (690 bar), providing protection from potentially damaging debris during high-pressure pumping operations. In deepwater operations, an additional HPDU can be connected to the boost line to remove debris before being pumped into the riser.

Completions Fluids

We offer a complete line of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively complete your well and initiate an economically viable production flow.

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