Cuttings Conveyance

Reduce risk and NPT with simplified waste transport

Eliminate waste transportation problems that can delay drilling or cause environmental problems with our full line of augers, vacuums, and dense-phase blowers.

We understand how increasing environmental regulations have raised drilling waste transportation to a critical concern. Whether you're moving waste to another area of the drill site for re-injection or to a treatment facility hundreds of miles away, we'll keep you in compliance. Our goal is help you reduce non-productive time (NPT) and eliminate risk of regulatory penalties.

We can provide you a complete suite of conveyance equipment designed to transport both drilled cuttings and liquid waste.

Mitigate your environmental risks while saving money

We focus on planning the project's life cycle so we can match your performance objectives with the lowest maintenance equipment possible throughout all operations. We will optimize movement of large quantities of drill cuttings to keep your project on schedule and save money while mitigating your environmental risk.

Unmatched performance yields reduced OPEX

We offer the most powerful modular vacuum system (150 HP) on the market, able to fill multiple cuttings boxes simultaneously and handle high penetration drilling rates in all hole sizes. Our reliable vacuum units save you critical rig time, leading to greater reduction in your overall operating costs.

Full customization for all applications

Our auger systems provide a wide range of sizes for conveying the entire cuttings load and are engineered with low power consumption requirements. We have readily available fixed and variable speed drive systems for rapid callouts. Custom units can also be designed for challenging applications.

Maintenance-free operation

Our dense phase blower is a unique air conveyance technology. With only one moving part, it's designed for maintenance-free operation. This distinctive unit is deployed in complex applications that require high elevation cuttings conveyance. The blower can deliver drill cuttings into any type of waste collection unit. It can be used for long conveyance distances to boxes or bulk tanks positioned on a transport vessel.