MAGMA-TEQ Oil-Based Drilling Fluid

Improve drilling efficiency in HP/HT wells

We developed MAGMA-TEQ™ oil-based drilling fluid to meet the requirements of deviated HP/HT wells. The suspension properties eliminate density differences that occur commonly in conditions that can’t be managed simply by typical oil-based muds. This fluid maintains constant density in static and dynamic conditions.

The MAGMA-TEQ system is stable up to 500 deg. F [260 deg. C] and pressure exceeding 30,000 psi [206.8 MPa]. 

You can weight this system to densities above18.5 lb/gal [2.2 s.g.] using our weighting system. Or you can use barite, hematite, ilmenite; also, you can use common nonaromatic base oils.

Stable performance over time

You’ll see only very low amounts of supernatant oil (syneresis), regardless of whether you age samples by shaking them up or leaving them alone.

MAGMA-TEQ fluid actually improves with age. Field tests show key laboratory properties improve during drilling as the system undergoes shear and includes drill solids.

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