MPRESS Drilling Fluid System

Improve your well economics through optimized pressure allocation

With the Baker Hughes MPRESS™ invert emulsion system, you can boost your bottom line by improving your ability to manage circulating pressure. The MPRESS system is optimized to reduce viscosity in the drillstring for less wasted pump pressure while maximizing viscosity in the annulus for more efficient cuttings transport.

The pressure saved in the drillstring can be used to increase flow rate, reconfigure downhole tools, or save wear and tear on surface equipment. This ability to better manage circulating pressure leads to improved rates of penetration (ROP) and less nonproductive time (NPT). These performance improvements boost your well economics by helping you reach total depth (TD) faster, get production online sooner, and move on to your next well more quickly.

Baker Hughes developed components of the MPRESS invert emulsion system in its Houston, Texas, fluids research and development facility, one of the most advanced in the industry. The MPRESS system was subjected to an extensive quality control program to ensure that its components meet rigorous specifications for quality and reliable performance. 

The result is the sort of stable, robust system you have come to depend on from Baker Hughes and a level of hydraulic performance that was previously unattainable. And with the help of our fluids experts, you can customize MPRESS applications to suit your project needs to maximize those strengths.

Increase ROP with the MPRESS system’s ability to maximize flow rate or reallocate pressure to the drill bit and downhole tools.

Achieve better hole cleaning from increased cuttings transport efficiency.

Reduce NPT and downhole mud losses with reduced surge pressure while running in the hole and less pressure spike when initiating circulation.


  • Land operations using diesel oil-based mud (OBM)
  • Operations where flow rate or circulating pressure is limiting drilling performance
  • Challenging hole-cleaning situations
  • Well paths that need maximum torque reduction

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