RHEO-LOGIC Synthetic-Based Mud

Drill successfully—faster and deeper—through tight pressure windows

RHEO-LOGIC™ synthetic-based mud saves you time and money by minimizing pressure-induced losses. This constant-rheology mud allows you to drill through the tightest pressure windows.

Negotiate narrow pressure gradients

Our RHEO-LOGIC synthetic-based mud maintains constant rheology to deliver advanced performance in critical deepwater applications. It also reduces fluid friction dramatically. Now you can throttle up drilling without increasing ECD to the danger point.

Achieve faster ROP

This mud’s constant rheology profile helps you maintain optimal hole cleaning viscosity, even in cold ocean depths. And that means faster ROP, less rig time, and less time to production.

Reduce formation damage and NPT

The RHEO-LOGIC fluid's nonprogressive gel structure sets up fast and breaks easy. It reduces surges, speeds drilling, and reduces NPT and drilling costs. Most important, it minimizes the risk of fracturing the formation and causing downhole mud losses—and that increases your odds of a successful primary cement job.

Increase production

Protect the formation, and you preserve the life of the well. That’s the ultimate benefit of our synthetic mud: greater production and longer productive life.

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