Liquids Processing

Reduce drilling costs while improving environmental performance

Reduce both well costs and environmental risks by effectively processing your liquid drilling waste. Our liquids processing technologies use a suite of treatment equipment designed to reduce the quantity of spent fluids and reintroduce valuable components back into the drilling process.

Improved compliance, increased savings

Increasing restrictions on the use of reserve mud pits in environmentally-sensitive areas has created a challenge for operators. Our solution to this challenge is the use of a closed loop mud system.

This processes used drilling mud to remove the solids and returns the liquid portion back to the active system, eliminating the need for a reserve mud pit. For spent water-based mud, our dewatering technology minimizes waste volumes and allows maximum recycling of the water phase back into the drilling operation.

Reduced formation damages leads to increased production

A producing formation must have good porosity and permeability and be void of any near wellbore damage in order allow free flow of hydrocarbons. Solids in the drilling fluid can be lost to the formation, creating obstructions or blockage which can hinder production. Our filtration systems ensure that solids are continuously removed from the fluid system, limiting formation damage and improving overall production.

Better tank cleaning

Our liquid processing services also include the removal of the residue left after the reusable components are pulled from the waste stream. We offer a variety of tank cleaning services designed to clean your holding tanks better, faster, and safer.