Solids Control Equipment

Enhance drilling rig efficiency and improve fluid performance

Effectively removing solids from returned drilling fluid is vital to your drilling rig's performance and, ultimately, the ability to achieve your drilling objectives. Having the right equipment to handle these solids is critical, if you want to enhance drilling rig efficiency and improve fluid performance.

Our line of solids control equipment (SCE) plays a key role in responding to the environmental and economic pressures faced by the drilling industry today. From improved drilling fluids properties to lower mud dilution rates to drier solids removed from the fluid, our equipment delivers high quality performance in every project.

We offer reliable field-proven technology for every drilling application. We specialize in providing high-capacity equipment with small footprint features that are ready for rapid deployment to meet your most demanding technical challenge.

Improve fluid performance, decrease NPT

We provide a complete portfolio of shale shaker screens for most commercial shakers currently on the market. Screening out drill cuttings ensures that the mud continues to perform like it did when it was new, keeping you drilling longer and hitting your pay zone faster.

Increase rig efficiency with reliable, flexible units

Our centrifuge technology takes solids removal to the next level. From barite recovery to high-speed mud separation, we offer a full range of centrifuges that can return your drilling fluid to a pristine state. The rugged, yet efficient design of our units reduces downtime while providing the necessary flexibility to handle any fluid density.

With both fixed and variable speed models available, we offer the right choice for most oilfield applications.