Specialty Drilling Fluid Products

Improve performance, enhance efficiency, mitigate risk with specialty drilling fluids

Our specialty products effectively deal with problems that can arise while drilling. These fluids will reduce torque and drag, free stuck pipe, halt lost circulation, prevent differential sticking, promote wellbore stability, and ensure the correct mud weight.

Free stuck pipe

Our spotting fluids can reduce costly drilling delays in both land-based and offshore drilling environments. Our BLACK MAGIC™ line of spotting fluids is the industry’s most recognized.

Save money with lost circulation materials (LCM)

We offer a comprehensive array of products designed to eliminate fluid losses, saving you time and money. Among our series of LCM are CHEK-LOSS™, LC-LUBE™, MIL-CARB™, SOLUFLAKE™, and FLOW-CARB™. For severe lost circulation we offer our X-LINK™ crosslinked composition and SOLU-SQUEEZE™ LCM.

Reduce torque and drag with drilling lubricants

Torque and drag not only slow drilling, but also reduce bit and tool life. Our complete line of lubricants for both water-based and emulsion fluids enhance rates of penetration (ROP), working to keep the bit from “balling” and providing lubrication for the drill string and formation face.

Preventing differential sticking

Differential sticking can a problem when using water-based drilling fluid. By preventing sticking before it happens, we help you increase your drilling efficiency and decrease wear and tear on your equipment. Our AQUA-MAGIC™ additive is formulated for use in water-based fluids. The MAX-BRIDGE™ bridging package seals micro-fractures in formations, reducing the risk of differential sticking.

Promote wellbore stability

Our shale control additives inhibit water transfer to shale. This prevents swelling that can cause drill string sticking and wellbore instability. A stable wellbore results in more efficient drilling and reduced non-productive time (NPT). Our shale control products include: SHALE-BOND™, SULFATROL™, CLAY-TROL™, MAX-GUARD™, MAX-SHIELD™, and TERRA-COAT™.

Ensure correct mud weight 

We offer a complete line of fluid weighting agents for any drilling situation. Having the proper fluid weight is critical in controlling hydrostatic pressure in the wellbore and preventing unwanted kicks.

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