Waste Management

Reduce NPT, environmental risk through more effective waste processing

Our waste management solutions reduce NPT and environmental risk by effectively processing your liquid and solid drilling waste. These processing solutions comprise a suite of treatment equipment that enables you to conduct your drilling operations without fear of losing valuable rig time or harming the environment.

A major challenge in processing drilling waste is the diverse nature of the produced waste. The methods and technologies used to treat different waste streams are as varied as the waste itself. The treatment method we select for your drilling project is based on the characteristics of the waste material, the local environmental regulations, and the available infrastructure.

Liquids: improve compliance and reduce cost

By taking advantage of existing technology and introducing new and better equipment, we’re continuously working to reduce the quantity of spent fluids generated in drilling operations and their associated environmental risk. Our technologies focus on effective reintroduction of valuable components back into the drilling process followed by efficient handling of the residue left after the treatment is completed.

Solids: lower risk and improve performance

Properly managing solids produced during drilling operations is critical to effectively responding to the environmental and economic pressures you face. From improved drilling fluid performance to drier solids removed from the fluid, we have the technologies and expertise to deliver high-quality performance on every project.


Cuttings Reinjection

Why pay to haul away drilling waste? Cuttings reinjection (CRI) saves you money, time, and headaches with a permanent and environmentally-responsible waste-disposal solution.

Drilling and Completion Fluids

We’re your full service drilling fluids partner. We can help you cut rig time, reduce cost, protect your reservoir and maintain complete environment compliance.

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