Cuttings Reinjection

Save money, time through reinjection cuttings disposal

Why pay to haul away drilling waste? Cuttings re-injection (CRI) saves you money, time and headaches with a permanent and environmentally responsible waste-disposal solution.

Re-injecting drill cuttings eliminates all sorts of problems: trying to load and haul waste in heavy seas, suffering the expense of haulage delays, and exposing your operation to the risk of injury and environmental liabilities that’s inherent in lifting cuttings boxes onto supply boats.

Reduce your environmental liability, save money and time

We developed cuttings re-injection and have been the global leader in this technology for more than two decades. We recognized long ago that storing waste in a suitable subsurface formation is the one permanent solution with no future liabilities.

Our technology involves much more than simply grinding cuttings into a slurry for injection: We’ve also learned how to match the slurry’s rheological properties to the formation to maintain continuous injectivity throughout your project.

Our engineers custom design our grinding, mixing and pumping equipment for whatever technical, environmental and safety requirements you have. Your result: complete environmental compliance with fewer problems, reduced costs, and way less stress.

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