LATIDRILL High-Performance, Water-based Fluid System

Drill lateral wells faster, easier, and more efficiently

The LATIDRILL™ high-performance, water-based system is used for deviated, lateral, and unconventional wells. It provides excellent performance using just three simple and effective components. The LATIDRILL fluid system includes the LATIBASE™ multifunctional additive, the LATIMAGIC™ wellbore stabilizer and lubricant, and the LATIRATE™ ROP enhancer. This integrated system rivals oil-based mud performance in challenging wells, while yielding environmental, logistical, and economic benefits.

Improve rig economics with fewer products that enable faster mixing time and easier wellsite and transportation logistics.

Improve performance with increased ROP by minimizing solids, reducing friction, and improving hole cleaning. Clay integrity after extended water exposure contributes to better wellbore stability and decreased NPT, further enhancing performance.

Operator saved 9 rig days and received significant fluid cost savings

An operator in South Texas drilled two consecutive wells—one with a traditional oil-based mud (OBM), and one with the LATIDRILL drilling fluid system. The first well was drilled in 23 days using OBM to a measured depth (MD) of 13,507 ft (4117 m) with a maximum inclination of 91.7°. The second well, drilled with the LATIDRILL system, reached MD of 13,994 ft (4265m) with maximum inclination of 91.5° in just 14 days.


  • Unconventional gas/shale plays with temperatures up to 275°F (135°C)
  • Deviated, lateral, and extended reach wells
  • Drilling operations with challenging well paths
  • Wells where a suitable alternate to OBM is desired

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