Drilling Services

Optimize asset value with a proven suite of drilling system services


Drilling Services Guide
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The Baker Hughes “Drilling Services Guide” provides an overview of available drilling-related services for the upstream oil and gas industry.



Directional Drilling Services

Our directional drilling service ensures precise wellbore placement with faster ROP from land and shallow-water environments to extended-reach and deepwater drilling.


Coiled Tubing and Reentry

Our coiled tubing and reentry drilling systems economically access new pay zones to maximize ultimate recovery, improve revenue, and extend field life.


Measurement While Drilling

Our directional MWD services accurately position your wellbore with real-time downhole measurements.


Logging While Drilling

Our LWD systems offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling.


Reservoir Navigation Services

This multidisciplinary approach reduces NPT and maximizes production by keeping your wellbore in the pay zone.


INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

The INTEQ™ drilling optimization service combines an unparalleled engineering process with certified experts who focus exclusively on improving your drilling performance.


Casing/Liner Drilling Systems

Casing/liner drilling reduces nonproductive time while minimizing risks and problems associated with conventional drilling.


Surface Logging Services

Baker Hughes Surface Logging Services acquire and analyze data to increase safety and enhance production by proactively avoiding drilling problems.


Remote Drilling Services

The Baker Hughes WellLink™ remote drilling services delivers continuous, real-time interpretation and advice within a true collaborative environment.


Coring Services

We manufacture our core bits and focus on coring performance, risk mitigation, and core quality.


Hole Enlargement

Our hole enlargement technologies are setting new standards for efficiency with market-leading reliability and operational efficiency in deepwater and onshore well construction.


Our wireline technology characterizes fractured carbonate, thin-bedded clastic, or shale-gas reservoirs so you can understand the downhole environment to maximize asset value.

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