Lower cost, save time, and reduce risk

Our heavy-duty EZReam™ technology is the robust casing/liner shoe. This is the industry’s only steel reaming shoe that is PDC drillable. A durable tungsten carbide and PDC cutting structure–an industry exclusive–enables you to ream longer intervals through the most challenging hole sections. You can even get to TD in a severely compromised borehole.

Faster drillout

EZReam technology is drillable with a standard PDC or roller cone in onshore and offshore applications. The unique, patented profile combined with the material properties enables faster drillout than competitive designs.

Reduced drillout risk

With some reamer shoes, there is a risk of leaving an undrilled portion of the nose downhole, which could damage the next bit or BHA. The EZReam concave profile drills out from the center to the shoulder, eliminating this risk.

Fail-safe circulation

This is the industry’s only casing/liner shoe to offer a secondary bypass port, which allows normal circulation or cementing to continue in the event of nozzle plugging.

Greater stability

The 360 deg. gauge coverage offers added stability and improves reaming efficiency. The tool is undersized to promote a smooth transition of the liner through the predrilled hole.

EZReam technology delivers

  • longer intervals
  • faster drillout with less risk
  • fail-safe circulation
  • greater stability.


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