SureTrak Steerable Drilling Liner Service

Increase drilling efficiency

The Baker Hughes SureTrak™ steerable drilling liner service enables operators to reach reservoirs once considered unreachable with conventional drilling methods, turning trouble zones into pay zones.

With the SureTrak service, you can drill through trouble zones, evaluate the formation, and place a liner to total depth (TD) in a single run, reducing the time and risk associated with drilling and completing a well.

The SureTrak service uses proven rotary steerable drilling and liner drilling technologies, including the Baker Hughes AutoTrak™ rotary steerable system and modular logging-while-drilling and measurement-while-drilling systems. This gives you the flexibility to acquire various types and amounts of real-time wellbore data that include pressure, resistivity, gamma, neutron, density measurements, and more, allowing you to make critical, real-time decisions.

In conventional drilling operations, it is necessary to pull the drillstring before running the casing or liner into the borehole. Liner drilling systems such as the SureTrak service eliminate that need, while the addition of a rotary steerable system enables operators to drill continuously without having to slow down to change direction, resulting in less downtime and a high-quality wellbore.

Performance is optimized in drilling directional and complex 3D wells, continuous steering, and precise wellbore placement by the Baker Hughes AutoTrak rotary steerable system, a vital part of the SureTrak service bottomhole assembly (BHA).

Reliable, easy makeup and allowance for high-circulation pressures without the possibility of premature release, while enabling high torque for slow rotation during drilling, is made possible by the Baker Hughes HRD-ETM liner setting tool.

Consistent drilling of longer footage through hard, abrasive formations is accomplished with Baker Hughes PDC reamer bits.

Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks are lowered because of a smaller rigsite footprint and reduced pipe handling.


  • Depleted and unstable formations
  • Loss/thief zones and low pressure zones
  • Moving and swelling formations
  • Tar and rubble zones
  • Subsalt drilling

AutoTrak Curve Rotary Steerable System

The AutoTrak™ Curve rotary steerable system provides fewer days on well, exact wellbore placement, and faster landing drilling in unconventional plays.

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