Advanced Slim MWD System

Extend field life by accessing bypassed reserves economically

Our 3 1/8-in. [7.9-cm] Advanced Slim MWD system enables you to access bypassed reserves faster and more efficiently in your mature reservoir. Our system has an industry-exclusive drilling-performance sub, offering real-time downhole WOB, torque, and pressure in challenging reentry slimhole applications so you can optimize drilling. 

Increase recovery rates with exact well placement

The system offers gamma-ray and resistivity LWD measurements to support geosteering for precise wellbore placement. The real-time downhole formation data and proven well-path control improve reservoir contact for increased production from the new wellbore.

Drill faster

With this real-time data, you can run your drilling motor at greater efficiency with higher torque for increased ROP.

At the same time, to ensure the higher ROP does not result in hole problems, equivalent circulating density (ECD) control is critical. Our system offers downhole drillstring and annulus pressure readings that enable easier ECD control and management.

Reduce NPT

Our system has a modular design with fast and flexible setup options that reduces NPT. You can easily add optional BHA components on location. Logging-while-tripping or flow-off services boost BHA run efficiency and cut downtime.

Operator reduces drilling time by nearly two weeks

An operator in working in the UK sector of the North Sea used our system to reenter a deviated, depleted well without retrieving existing tubing.

Real-time formation evaluation data with slim gamma ray and multiple propagation resistivity precisely navigated the new wellbore within the reservoir to reach a new sweet spot.

Collaborating with the operator, we drilled the sandstone formation’s total distance of 1,998 ft [609 m] in two runs in 16 days, 12 days ahead of schedule and under budget.

Measurement While Drilling

Our directional MWD services accurately position your wellbore with real-time downhole measurements.

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