CoilTrak Coiled Tubing BHA Systems

Maximize operational efficiency in coiled-tubing applications

Our CoilTrak™ coiled-tubing BHA system is the solution for your advanced coiled-tubing (CT) drilling applications in 2 3/4-in. to 4 3/4-in. holes with any type of drilling fluid. This technology is ideal for underbalanced and overbalanced applications. The modular BHA setup, selectable interchangeable steering control, aligned downhole sensors, and geosteering improve operational efficiency. Reduce drilling time, optimize wellbore placement, and minimize formation damage.

Improve ROP

CT reentry projects always face tight economics and financials. On several projects worldwide, our CoilTrak BHA system has reduced operational time and improved the gross ROP. Operations for a US Land customer are continuously 10%-15% below the defined authorization for expenditure (AFE), ahead of the planned time frame, and result in significant cost saving for the operator.

Increase production

Gamma ray and resistivity LWD measurements deliver geosteering capabilities for optimized wellbore placement, based on target requirements. The online formation data with reliable/automated steering control and flawless execution improve reservoir contact for increased production. The BHA system setup and wireline data transmission principle allows full underbalanced drilling operation, including gas production while drilling. This reduces formation damage and optimizes recovery rates.

Optimize BHA configurations

The modular, flexible system design caters to on-location BHA adjustment, based on operational needs. Configurations are adjusted at the rigsite to cover whipstock setting, window milling, or a different drilling operation. Specific BHA features enable precise depth correlation and circulating improvements to reduce operational and BHA handling time.

Extend CT application boundaries

Two different, interchangeable steering technologies of the CoilTrak system allow optimized directional control depending on applications needs and operational requirements. The Orienter-PDM setup with its precise toolface control is best utilized in high build requirements and provides fast landing of the new wellbore in the target section. The rib steered motor setup, with its downhole adjustable steering performance, offers optimized wellbore placement and improved reservoir access by lateral/horizontal reach extension.


CoilTrak Rib Steered Motor Technology

The CoilTrak™ 3-in. Rib Steered Motor extends lateral reach limitations in CT drilling while improving geo-steering and enhancing drilling performance.

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