CoilTrak Rib Steered Motor Technology

Improve coiled-tubing performance beyond limitations

The CoilTrak™ 3-in. Rib Steered Motor is the latest service offering within the CoilTrak BHA system. The industry unique Rib Steered Motor combines the rib steering concept with closed loop control and motor technology. This integrated steering principle for CTD BHAs extends existing limitations in lateral reach wells, improves geo-steering and enhances drilling performance in CTD applications. Additional reservoir exposure and production with improved project efficiencies are achieved with the Rib Steered Motor.

Extend Lateral Reach in CTD

The limited-reach capability of standard BHA setups in CTD applications is extended with the utilization of Rib Steered Motor technology. Straight and/or optimized wellbore trajectories are now possible, with the lowest required DLS and minimized tortuosity. A reduction in the friction of the CT string with the borehole wall is achieved. The result is a smoother weight transfer to the BHA and a deeper CT lookup depth in the wellbore profile.

Improved Geo-Steering

Geo-steering and bio-steering process improvements are achieved by the combination of the adjustable, optimized closed-loop controlled steering capability, selectable between 0–10°/100 ft  with reliable near bit inclination, resistivity and gamma measurements close to the bit.

Drilling Performance Enhancement

Stable weight transfer and the constant WOB deliver greater ROP and induce less vibration for enhanced drilling performance. Various selectable high performance motor sections available on request allowing adjustments of the Rib Steered Motor to various application requirements. Additionally, wellbore quality is improved resulting into risk reduction and simplified liner running and cementing during the completion phase.

CoilTrak Coiled Tubing BHA Systems

Our CoilTrak™ coiled-tubing BHA system is the solution for your advanced coiled-tubing (CT) drilling applications in 2 3/4 in. to 4 3/4 in. holes with any type of drilling fluid.

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