Directional Drilling Services

Ensure superior wellbore placement in all applications

Our directional drilling services ensure precise wellbore placement with faster ROP in all applications: from land and shallow-water environments to extended-reach and deepwater drilling.

Superior directional drilling technology includes the Baker Hughes motor-powered AutoTrak X-treme™ rotary steerable system; Navi-Drill™ high-performance drilling motors; LWD formation evaluation services; and the BEACON™ real-time remote collaboration platform for the best drilling decisions.

We drill wells more efficiently, place wells precisely in the reservoir, and evaluate the formation adjacent to the wellbore accurately. WellArchitect directional software enables us to plan well trajectories while managing survey data. Combining real-time reservoir navigation and visualization, we’ll collaborate with you to maximize reservoir contact for increased production.

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Rotary Steerable Systems

Our rotary steerable and automated systems have precise steering controls for exact wellbore placement to maximize production.


Navi-Drill Motors

Our Navi-Drill™ motors are ideal for your directional, horizontal, and straight-hole performance drilling.


Wellbore Positioning

Our directional wellbore placement tools and services offer you the right data for drilling safer and more productive wells.

PDC Drill Bits

Achieve maximum performance in a defined application.

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