AutoTrak G3 Rotary Steerable System

Hit your target reliably with precise reservoir navigation

The Baker Hughes AutoTrak G3™ rotary steerable drilling system allows you to navigate precisely into the target using superior directional control in the most challenging well profiles.

We integrate steering control with real-time MWD/LWD measurements for outstanding hole quality and maximized hydrocarbon recovery.

The system allows you to access difficult targets that you can’t reach with steerable mud motors or other rotary steerable systems. You can add and combine any of our LWD and drilling optimization systems into an integrated BHA for your application requirements.

Our reliable AutoTrak G3 system enables steering in the most diverse environments and conditions: from soft formations in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and West Africa to hard rock drilling in Vietnam and Italy to troublesome, interbedded formations in the North Sea and Middle East.

The rotary steerable system has drilled millions of feet of complex 3D designer and multilateral wells, in addition to the largest number of record-breaking extended-reach wells in the industry.  

Now, the 4 3/4-in. AutoTrak G3 system can be integrated with our ZoneTrak G™near-bit gamma service to reduce drilling risk when looking for specific geological targets. With this configuration, the ZoneTrak G sensors are a few feet from the bit for earlier identification of the zones of interest. 

For more information about our AutoTrak G3 rotary steerable system, please call us or send us an e-mail.

High Pressure/High Temperature

We have the reliable HP/HT solutions and services to avoid nonproductive time during your drilling operations. Work with us to reduce economic risk.

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