AutoTrak V Rotary Steerable System

Decrease drilling time by eliminating correction runs

The Baker Hughes AutoTrak V™vertical rotary steerable system saves you money by eliminating correction runs often required with conventional motors. With minimal surface setup, our automated drilling technology maintains a vertical wellbore while rotating.

Based on our field-proven rotary push-the-bit steering principle, this technology seeks and maintains a precise vertical well path with total control, regardless of the application. The AutoTrak V system improves ROP by minimizing drilling dysfunctions while compensating any formation tendency that would deviate the wellbore.

Continuous real-time, near-bit inclination data ensures certainty about well placement without an additional MWD service, simplifying your operation while improving project economics.

In steer-to-stay-straight applications, the BHA configuration also improves drilling performance and lowers cost when compared with conventional motor drilling services. The AutoTrak V system can be combined with our proven fleet of drilling motors to further optimize drilling for your specific application.

Now, the 4 3/4-in. AutoTrak V system can be integrated with our ZoneTrak G™near-bit gamma service to reduce drilling risk when looking for specific geological targets. With this configuration, the ZoneTrak G sensors are a few feet from the bit for earlier identification of the zones of interest.   

For more information about our AutoTrak V rotary steerable system, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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