AutoTrak X-treme Rotary Steerable System

Increase rotary steerable drilling performance with extreme power at the bit

The Baker Hughes AutoTrak X-treme™ rotary steerable system seamlessly integrates a precontoured, high-power X-treme mud motor into the AutoTrak rotary steerable BHA for additional power and RPM at the bit. Drill faster than any conventional rotary steerable system with the full steering precision and hole quality of traditional AutoTrak systems.

Adding a mud motor minimizes harmful string dynamics and BHA or casing wear while increasing energy at the bit, which enables the AutoTrak X-treme system to drill farther and faster than conventional RSS.

Unlike other rotary steerables, our AutoTrak X-treme system has a hard-wired motor that enables full bidirectional data communication between MWD/LWD, the steering unit, and other BHA sensors. This is critical for effective reservoir navigation.

Integrated with the Baker Hughes CoPilot™ drilling optimization service, our technology manages weight transfer, hole cleaning, and drilling dynamics. This integration extends horizontal sections for several thousand feet beyond previous limits set by top-drive technology, hole geometry, and drilling dynamics.

Now, the 4 3/4-in. AutoTrak X-treme system can be integrated with our ZoneTrak G™near-bit gamma service to reduce drilling risk when looking for specific geological targets. With this configuration, the ZoneTrak G sensors are a few feet from the bit for earlier identification of the zones of interest.   

For more information about our AutoTrak X-treme rotary steerable system, please call us or send us an e-mail.

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