ZoneTrak R At-Bit Resistivity Service

Lower drilling cost with optimized geostopping

The Baker Hughes ZoneTrak™ R at-bit resistivity LWD service enables early zone detection, reducing drilling costs through hazard mitigation. This fit-for-purpose geostopping technology delivers a qualitative formation resistivity measurement at the bit to detect new formations before penetration. This capability adds value by reducing operational risk and non-productive time (NPT), while optimizing casing and core point selection.

The ZoneTrak R service uses a tool with a galvanic transmitter and a receiver coil arrangement housed in a relatively short sub that can be positioned directly above the bit. An electrical current is induced from the transmitter through the tool body and the drill bit into the formation. The receiver coil constantly measures the voltage and current, identifying changes once the bit enters into a new formation and translating the changes into resistivity values. This real-time resistivity measurement is immediately available for decision making at the well site and remotely through the secure, web-based WellLink™ RT system.

Reduce risk and time with casing point selection

The ZoneTrak R service reduces operational risk and NPT with casing point selection. This is where casing must be set just prior to penetrating a hazardous zone with significantly different pore pressure than the formations above—a common example is drilling through the bottom of a salt formation. The at-bit formation resistivity measurement ensures the hole section length is maximized and minimizes the risk of kicks or stuck drill pipe.

Core the desired reservoir interval with core point selection

The ZoneTrak R service identifies the formation top while drilling at the time of bit penetration to determine the top of the coring point, enabling core recovery from the entire interval of interest. With conventional LWD resistivity measure points that are many feet/meters behind the bit, much more of the target core interval will be drilled before it can be identified with confidence. Complete core recovery from the entire reservoir enables a comprehensive and accurate characterization of the reservoir, offering valuable information for reserves estimation, as well as completion, stimulation and production modelling.

ZoneTrak G Near-Bit Gamma Service

Our ZoneTrak G™ near-bit gamma-ray service saves valuable rig time by quickly confirming that a target zone has been cut.

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