ZoneTrak G Near-Bit Gamma Service

Reduce rig time with near-bit gamma data

Reduce rig time when geostopping with near-bit gamma data
Save valuable rig time with faster target confirmation by combining the Baker Hughes ZoneTrak™ G near-bit gamma service with the AutoTrak™ rotary steerable system (RSS), or a conventional drilling BHA*. Add this near-bit gamma ray technology to the BHA to reduce rig time waiting on cuttings circulation for geostopping target determination.

Accurate and timely determination of casing and coring points
The ZoneTrak G measurement is positioned just above the RSS, the bit*, or a modular motor* for quicker geostopping depth determination. This enables timely and accurate determination of the casing point for risk mitigation, or identifying the coring point to ensure coring starts as close as possible to the formation top. The ZoneTrak G service delivers equivalent high-quality gamma data sooner than conventional formation evaluation services, which are positioned farther away from the bit.

Maximize reservoir exposure and gain formation structural knowledge
The ZoneTrak G near-bit gamma measurement delivers earlier notification of formation changes and identifies the key zone on the gamma signature – including azimuthal imaging in most sizes. By identifying a target formation shortly after penetration, the net-to-gross ratio is optimized during reservoir navigation and the productive reservoir length is maximized by reducing cased-off intervals. Interpretation of the azimuthal borehole image also provides critical information for structural analysis, such as formation boundaries, fault identification, and dip picking.

Reduce drilling risk from troublesome formations
With the ZoneTrak G service you can detect challenging drilling conditions and troublesome formations early so drilling can be stopped immediately, preventing wellbore stability problems. For example, earlier identification of salt entry and exit ensures the drilling team can be ready for changing drilling conditions.

  • Option available for the 6¾” and 9½” ZoneTrak G near-bit gamma service.

ZoneTrak R At-Bit Resistivity Service

Reduce operational risk and optimize coring point selections through early zone detection with the ZoneTrak™ R at-bit resistivity service.

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