Measurement While Drilling

Position your wellbore accurately using real-time downhole measurements

MWD measurements that are transmitted from downhole to surface enable you to make reliable wellbore decisions with less NPT.  These measurements include directional surveys, natural gamma ray, drilling dynamics, temperature, and annular pressure. 

Our MWD platforms also act as a telemetry link and power source for all other real-time downhole services, including LWD and rotary steerable systems.

We offer fit-for-purpose solutions for environments ranging from deepwater to unconventional plays.  Applications include geometric wellbore placement, reservoir navigation, and drilling optimization.


NaviTrak Directional and Gamma

Receive reliable MWD information including directional surveys, vibration, stick- slip, and natural gamma-ray measurements.


TeleTrak LCM-Resistant MWD

Minimize NPT while receiving reliable MWD information in the most demanding high-LCM environments.


NaviTrak EM - MWD Service with Electromagnetic Telemetry

Bypass your drilling fluid and save rig time using electromagnetic telemetry to transmit valuable MWD measurements through the formation.


OnTrak Integrated MWD and LWD

Get directional, dynamics, ECD, and geological information including gamma-ray and resistivity measurements from a single, compact BHA module.


AziTrak Deep Azimuthal Resistivity

Our deep azimuthal resistivity measurement tool detects reservoir boundaries, offering accurate formation evaluation to reduce wellbore position uncertainty.


GyroTrak Gyro While Drilling Service

The GyroTrak™ gyro while drilling service enables operators to obtain the directional measurements they need to precisely position their wells with less risk.


aXcelerate PLUS High-Speed Mud-Pulse Telemetry

Make well-informed decisions based on a clearer picture of the downhole situation from high-speed mud-pulse telemetry.


Wired-Drillpipe Telemetry

Wired-drillpipe telemetry service gives access to reservoirs by making wells drillable that were previously undrillable with mud pulse telemetry.


AccuFIT Real-time Flow-off Pressure Data Service

The AccuFIT™ service transmits high-resolution downhole flow-off pressure curve data in real time for optimizing drilling operations.

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