AccuFIT Real-time Flow-off Pressure Data Service

Optimize drilling operations with accurate downhole pressure data in real time

The Baker Hughes AccuFIT™ real-time flow-off pressure data service reliably transmits high-resolution downhole flow-off pressure data to the surface in real time. Using the annular pressure sensors of the OnTrak™ or AziTrak™ logging-while-drilling (LWD) service tools, the AccuFIT service measures the downhole annular pressure during connections or during leak-off tests (LOT) or formation integrity tests (FIT). Operators use the resulting time-series pressure profile data to

  • calibrate surface-based FIT/LOT measurements
  • save rig time by eliminating bottoms-up circulation before FIT/LOT
  • determine the maximum allowable annular pressure to make well-informed pressure control decisions during drilling operations
  • verify downhole annular pressure variations to optimize drilling mud programs
  • evaluate swab-and-surge downhole pressure variations for equivalent circulating density (ECD) management
  • confirm the downhole pressure balance for managed pressure drilling (MPD) operations.

The service’s advanced downhole data compression and automation efficiently transmits the pressure profile uphole immediately after normal flow resumes following a connection or FIT/LOT. The efficiency gain is due to the service’s two unique factors

  • downhole automation that determines when a pressure ramp begins
  • no downlink requirement to begin transmitting the pressure profile.

The AccuFIT service is also downlink-configurable for different time-based resolutions and detailed zooms to ensure the optimal transmission of flow-off pressure curve data in real time—making the service ideal for the toughest drilling conditions.

The AccuFIT service can be combined with the SIGNALS drilling advisory service to reduce invisible lost time (ILT) due to mud weight adjustments and related issues. Remote data visualization of the AccuFIT service pressure profile is available on mobile applications and on the internet/intranet using the WellLink™ RT service.


  • Wells with a narrow pore pressure window
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Deepwater exploration wells
  • Deviated and horizontal wells
  • Wells using a managed pressure drilling service

SIGNALS Drilling Advisory Service

The SIGNALS drilling advisory service identifies leading indicators that will provide opportunities to substantially reduce the amount of NPT and ILT while drilling a well.

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