aXcelerate PLUS High-Speed Mud-Pulse Telemetry

Maximize production through optimized wellbore placement

Our aXcelerate™ PLUS high-speed mud-pulse telemetry service delivers a high-resolution downhole picture during data-intensive drilling operations so you can make well-informed decisions during your reservoir navigation operations without limiting ROP.

The aXcelerate PLUS service delivers industry leading, reliable data transmission in the most-demanding operating environments and under the toughest drilling conditions. This includes challenging extended-reach wells, complex 3D profiles, deepwater exploration, and underbalanced drilling applications.

A customer in the Middle East drilled a more than 5,000-ft (1,524-m) lateral section. Using high-resolution LWD data for reservoir navigation, the operator placed the wellbore 100% inside the 7- to 10-ft (2- to 3-m) thick target zone.

Increase ROP and reduce rig time

Offshore UK, an operator achieved a 34% higher-than-field-average ROP. An improved bit design combined with drilling optimization based on high-resolution drilling dynamics data—transmitted via aXcelerate high-speed mud-pulse telemetry—enabled this achievement.

In a deepwater well offshore Angola, an operator using aXcelerate high-speed mud-pulse telemetry was able to increase ROP by 24% versus the previous block record; the operator saved approximately 7 hours of rig time. The increased raw telemetry bandwidth of up to 40 bps, combined with the highest data compression rate in the industry, delivers up to 250 bps effective data rates, allows you to drill faster without sacrificing real-time log density or image quality.

Optimize data rates and reduce potential for NPT

The aXcelerate PLUS service can send downlink commands to the pulser to optimize various parameters of the signal, including frequency, pulse height, speed and modulation. The two modulation modes support two Baker Hughes pulsers in the BHA—an industry first. We can also send a downlink to fully open the pulser valve, providing higher LCM tolerance. If a data word is miscoded, we can replay it immediately to ensure there are no real-time data gaps. This system flexibility ensures a consistently reliable telemetry service without the need to trip for telemetry changes, reducing potential NPT compared to competitor service offerings.

Improve reservoir coverage with extended reach drilling

On Sakhalin Island, an operator drilled an extended reach well to more than 38,000 ft (11,580 m).  A full suite of MWD and LWD information was transmitted, delivering all the information needed to handle the various challenges associated with drilling extended-reach wells, such as

  • weight transfer
  • hole cleaning
  • ECD management
  • wellbore placement.

Reservoir Navigation Services

This multidisciplinary approach reduces NPT and maximizes production by keeping your wellbore in the pay zone.

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