NaviTrak EM - MWD Service with Electromagnetic Telemetry

Acquire MWD data in any drilling fluid

The NaviTrak™ EM service uses electromagnetic telemetry to transmit MWD data through compatible formations to the antenna on surface. The MWD data can include directional survey, gamma ray, near-bit quadrant gamma ray, near-bit rotating inclination, and flow-on/flow-off annular pressures. The service is applicable for conventional drilling mud with high concentrations of lost circulation material that can result in a mud pulser plugging, as well as non-traditional applications such as foam, air, and under-balanced drilling.

Reduce or eliminate survey time

Our NaviTrak™ EM service delivers directional surveys even while making a connection. This approach reduces or even eliminates survey time after a connection, compared with MWD services using mud-pulse telemetry, which can result in saving several minutes per survey.

Ultra Series Motors

Navi-Drill™ Ultra™ Series motors’ rugged, modular, and configurable power sections deliver superior performance and high-quality holes.

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