GyroTrak Gyro While Drilling Service

Position wells precisely while reducing risks and development costs

Our GyroTrak™ gyro while drilling service is integrated into the measurement while drilling (MWD) drillstring to provide accurate measurements of azimuth, inclination, and true-north toolface in situations where you encounter high magnetic interference. When drilling from crowded platforms or pads, these reliable measurements increase the certainty of your directional surveys. Because the GyroTrak service offers accurate measurements even in close proximity to magnetic metals, it can help you reliably drill vertical, curve, and horizontal sections up to 90° while providing precise wellbore guidance.

Get back to drilling sooner in challenging environments

The GyroTrak service eliminates wireline gyro runs, enabling you to spend less time waiting for surveys and more time drilling in many demanding applications. The GyroTrak service is integrated into a number of our Baker Hughes MWD technologies, including the NaviTrak™ directional and gamma MWD service, OnTrak™ integrated MWD and LWD service, AutoTrak™ systems, and CoilTrak™ coiled tubing drilling system. These combined services deliver reliable, real-time directional information that is transmitted quickly to the surface, reducing risk and enabling precise wellbore positioning.

Improve operational efficiency of reentry drilling

For a customer in the Anadarko basin, we were able to use the GyroTrak™ service in combination with our CoilTrak™ coiled-tubing bottomhole assembly system to successfully set a whipstock and drill the section in a single run. Demonstrating immunity to magnetic interference from the casing, the GyroTrak service saved a trip by orienting the whipstock tray in the desired direction.


  • Wells in close proximity to others.
  • Pad and platform drilling.
  • Drilling through magnetic rock.
  • Whipstock orientation and window milling.
  • Relief well drilling.

OnTrak Integrated MWD and LWD

Get directional, dynamics, ECD, and geological information including gamma-ray and resistivity measurements from a single, compact BHA module.

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