NaviTrak Directional and Gamma

Obtain reliable MWD measurements

With millions of drilling hours, our NaviTrak™ MWD service delivers reliable, real-time directional information, including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation.  These measurements, coupled with natural gamma-ray readings, reduce risk and enable precise wellbore positioning:

  • quickly select your casing and coring points using real-time gamma-ray measurements to detect bed boundaries
  • manage drilling dysfunction and optimize drilling parameters to avoid premature trips by monitoring vibration and stick-slip
  • improve telemetry reliability and speed using downlinks to the MWD tool.

Our robust mud-pulse telemetry system transmits downhole information quickly to the surface.  Experienced personnel ensure service quality, allowing you to continuously drill ahead. 

Because we have modular sensor modules and a wide range of collar sizes, we can customize this service.

Ultra Series Motors

Navi-Drill™ Ultra™ Series motors’ rugged, modular, and configurable power sections deliver superior performance and high-quality holes.

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