TeleTrak LCM-Resistant MWD

Minimize your nonproductive time associated with plugged MWD systems

Our TeleTrak™ LCM-resistant MWD system reduces the risk of plugging downhole components. The system transmits MWD information to the surface using a unique mud pulser design that is particularly resistant to LCM. You can use our pulser in drilling mud contaminated with magnetic particles, a common occurrence when reusing the fluid. Minimize nonproductive time spent tripping out of hole to replace a plugged MWD system.

Avoid plugging your MWD while pumping LCM

In east Texas, a customer had trouble drilling the 6 3/4-in. section of a shale gas development well. The MWD system used by this customer had already plugged three times in the section. The mud system, which contained LCM, was contaminated with magnetic particles.

After changing the MWD system to a TeleTrak system, the well was finished without any tool failure. Because of this success, the customer decided to use the TeleTrak system for future projects.

Ultra Series Motors

Navi-Drill™ Ultra™ Series motors’ rugged, modular, and configurable power sections deliver superior performance and high-quality holes.

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