Wired-Drillpipe Telemetry

Maximize downhole information to push technical limits

Wired-drillpipe telemetry service gives access to reservoirs by making wells drillable that were previously undrillable with mud pulse telemetry. All Baker Hughes services are compatible with wired-drillpipe and have the necessary interfaces and telemetry systems to maximize the benefits of using wired-drillpipe. 

Access reservoirs in highly challenging environments

To mitigate shallow gas hazards, a customer used downhole pressure-while-drilling measurements from our OnTrak™ MWD service as input for an automated surface choke control. Connecting the downhole pressure sensor and the automated surface choke through a wired-drillpipe system, the first-ever closed-loop pressure management system was created. The bottomhole pressure was kept within +/- 15 psi [0.1 Mpa] of the desired pressure window while drilling and +/- 45 psi [0.31 Mpa] during connections.

Save a casing string with wellbore stability monitoring

Your wellbore needs to be stable enough to reach TD and run casing. Wired-pipe telemetry offers you the necessary data to monitor and manage the stability of your wellbore.

Onshore US, an operator expected wellbore stability problems. Wellbore breakouts were confirmed with an azimuthal caliper image. Time-lapse imaging revealed the breakouts were self-stabilizing. With this information, the decision was made to continue drilling to TD, saving the customer an intermediate casing string.

aXcelerate PLUS High-Speed Mud-Pulse Telemetry

Make well-informed decisions based on a clearer picture of the downhole situation from high-speed mud-pulse telemetry.

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