Remote Drilling Services

Real-time interpretation and advice for optimized wells

The Baker Hughes WellLink™ remote drilling services allow operators to make accurate and timely decisions within a collaborative environment. These remote drilling services optimize your well site operations by delivering around-the-clock, real-time visualization, interpretation and advice for enhanced drilling efficiency and optimal wellbore placement.

Work smarter and safer

By using the industry-standard WITSML protocol, Baker Hughes aggregates real-time data from multiple sources into a single platform. Via a web-based interface, you can collaborate between rigsite and remote locations to be on location without actually being on location.

Extend the reach of global experts to optimize drilling and maximize reservoir contact while mitigating drilling hazards for better decisions and safer operations.

The WellLink RT service optimizes web-based delivery of advanced visualization and analysis capabilities for real-time data regardless of required data density.


WellLink RT Service

The Baker Hughes WellLink RT™ service optimizes web-based delivery of advanced visualization and analysis of real-time data regardless of the density of the data acquired.

Remote Operations Services

Expedite data access, monitor performance, enable remote operations, and collaborate in real time for faster, intelligent business decisions.

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