WellLink RT Service

Optimize drilling operations with real-time visualization and analysis of data

Remote Operations Services (ROS) Survey

The Baker Hughes WellLink™ RT service optimizes the web-based delivery of advanced visualization and analysis of real-time drilling data regardless of the density of the data acquired. The web-based interface is easy to use and customize, graphically integrating data from different service companies and data sources such as LWD, mud logging, surface or environmental measurements in WITS0 or WITSML format.

Data visualization is available on mobile applications and on internet/intranet using Internet Explorer.

Maximize Productivity at your desktop

The WellLink RT service delivers an optimal number of data points, independent of the   data density or depth/time scales selected. The service includes an optimized database for real-time data and wired-pipe data volumes. It reduces bandwidth requirements through data compression.

Reduce time spent in managing data

The service provides seamless connectivity between your data sources and remote WITSML clients or third-party applications and interpretation packages, delivering standard implementation and development. WellLink RT supplies a vendor-neutral solution, optimized for Baker Hughes products and services that converts multiple sources of data at the wellsite to the WITSML standard.

The service fully integrates static well file management with real-time data streaming. It leverages two-way synchronization for collaboration between the office and the wellsite.

Real-time optimization of drilling parameters

The WellLink RT service optimizes operational decisions by continuously analyzing data to warn and inform decision teams. The WellLink RT PowerCurve widget provides a real-time indication of drilling system efficiency by plotting MSE v. ROP along with horsepower curves in both time and depth view.  Additionally, the WellLink RT PowerCurves widget gives you the capability to view offset wells on the same screen as your real-time well.  Offering easy analysis of formation, surface parameters, and vibrations, PowerCurves help you ensure power at the bit. They are useful in pre- and post-well analysis, as well as real-time optimization of drilling parameters and decision making.

Optimize Connectivity

Welllink RT’s load-balanced systems enable collaboration and real-time decision making by authorized personnel regardless of location. Geographic redundancy virtually eliminates offline conditions. If remote connectivity is interrupted, the system will back-fill the data once the system has been restored.

Maximize Compatibility

BEACON Global Services provides 24/7 technical support through the Baker Hughes Remote Operations Services BEACON™ platform, so that information from multiple well operations and multiple companies are delivered through one common system. All well, surface, and environmental information (weather and rig movement) are gathered in one common location for visualization.

Remote Operations Services

Expedite data access, monitor performance, enable remote operations, and collaborate in real time for faster, intelligent business decisions.

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