Surface Logging Services

Collect and interpret real-time operational and geological data to reduce NPT, risk

Our Surface Logging Services (SLS) reliably and accurately acquire, monitor, analyze, and integrate real-time geological drilling data—including lithology, mineralogy, the presence of oil, and formation gases—to help you evaluate formations, identify ways to combat wellbore instability, improve hole cleaning, prevent stuck pipe, optimize wellbore construction, and enhance drilling performance. The real value in SLS, however, is its ability to predict the probability of drilling events that could have harmful results, enabling you to avoid them altogether. 

High-quality surface logging data

We provide an extensive array of monitoring and analysis technology and services, including

  • Geologic services
  • Gas monitoring and analysis
  • Fluids monitoring
  • Operations monitoring

SLS seamlessly integrates the data it acquires with data collected using directional drilling, logging while drilling, measurement while drilling, wireline, and third-party services. Around-the-clock monitoring and analysis of all operational parameters assures successful well placement while reducing nonproductive time and providing a safe working environment.

Certified surface logging experts

Our surface logging engineers are trained and certified to interpret the data collected, providing a truer picture of what is taking place with your drilling operation. Baker Hughes is the only integrated oilfield service company with full accreditation of its Competence Management program from the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). Our program qualifies the knowledge and skills of our engineers in critical roles, ensuring they reliably meet and exceed customer requirements and government regulations.

Proactive interpretation of data

We have the depth and range of knowledge needed to recognize potential drilling and production problems before they occur. By combining high-quality data, expert interpretation, and predictive analytics, we have the tools to reduce the risk of incidents and improve the performance of your wells in every drilling environment.

We monitor drilling operations at the wellsite and from remote operation centers to look for changes in data trends, such as a variation in torque or pump pressure, a change in penetration rate, or an increase in gas levels, then notify you immediately. To further enhance collaborative and safer decision making, we offer direct wellsite communication and visualization through our BEACON™ real-time remote collaboration platform, which provides 24/7 access to your data with our family of WellLink™ data delivery services.


  • Every drilling environment, including
    • Onshore
    • Offshore
    • Deep and ultradeep water
    • Unconventional
    • High-pressure/high-temperature

Geologic Services

SLS Geologic Services use drilled cuttings to maximize formation evaluation and enhance drilling performance.


Advanced Cuttings Evaluation Service

The Advanced Cuttings Evaluation (ACE™) service uses the latest technologies to provide near real-time elemental, mineralogical, organic, and petrophysical analysis of your cuttings.


Gas Measurement and Monitoring

Perform advanced evaluation of the formation and reservoir.


Advanced Gas Analysis

The HC-Vision service provides critical indicators of wellbore hydrocarbon volumetrics, saturations, porosity, and permeability.


Fluids Monitoring

SLS fluids monitoring tracks drilling fluids and observes flow to detect well-control issues, wellbore stability problems, and errors in surface-pit mud movement.


Operations Monitoring

SLS Operations Monitoring continually records, monitors, analyzes, and models all of the rigsite data needed for a well-controlled operation.

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