Advanced Gas Analysis

Enable near real-time reservoir characterization using gas ratio geochemistry data

The analysis of gas extracted from the returning drilling fluid has been a Baker Hughes Xtract™ services function for many years. Our HC-Vision™ reservoir characterization service significantly improves on that capability by using hydrocarbon gas input to produce comprehensive visual well logs for reservoir evaluation and interpretation.

The HC-Vision service provides critical indicators of wellbore hydrocarbon volumetrics, saturations, porosity, and permeability. These indicators deliver answers about a reservoir’s fluid type, productive or non-productive zones, potential fluid contacts, reservoir connectivity, and natural fractures.

Now you can be more confident in your decisions that will minimize operational risks, control costs, and allow you to capitalize on reserves entirely from surface measurements.


  • Conventional or unconventional
  • Exploration and development
  • HPHT environments
  • Engineered completion designs

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