Operations Monitoring

Operations monitoring analyzes wellsite data to quickly detect potential well-control events

Our Surface Logging Services (SLS) use independent sensors to continually record and monitor data during rig operations. The data, which includes information about drilling, circulating, tripping, casing, wireline, or cementing activities, is analyzed at the wellsite and transmitted to our 24/7 BEACON™ real-time remote collaboration centers or directly to your location using the Baker Hughes WellLink RT™ service.

Analyzing data trends at the wellsite enables us to spot events such as pipe washouts, twist-offs, drill-bit damage, swab, surge, over-pull, drag and other problems quickly.  By reacting rapidly, nonproductive time will be reduced or eliminated. SLS is the one service that continuously collects all of the information necessary for a well-controlled operation. Integrating the operational data we collect with geological, gas, fluids, and drilling data helps us evaluate the formation, control the well, and enhance drilling performance.

Our Operations Monitoring Services include

  • Depth tracking
  • Drill data monitoring
  • Trip data monitoring
  • Kill monitoring
  • Swab and surge modeling
  • Torque and drag modeling
  • Mechanical specific energy

Enhanced services are also available, such as pore pressure trend monitoring and evaluation, stuck-pipe trend monitoring, and advanced, real-time engineers.

Pore pressure trend monitoring and evaluation

We have long been at the forefront of wellsite pore pressure detection. The combination of geological, gas, and drilling data enables us to detect the onset of abnormal pressure and make efforts to eliminate potentially hazardous situations and reduce nonproductive time. Pre-drill modeling, geomechanics, and real-time pore pressure calculation services are available through our Reservoir Development Services. Remote pore pressure prediction is also available.

Advanced, real-time engineers

The integration of SLS, logging while drilling (LWD), and remote operational support has resulted in the development of our Advanced Real-time Engineer (ARTE) initiative. ARTE personnel provide both surface logging and LWD services at the wellsite, while operational support is provided by LWD experts in our Beacon remote data centers. The ARTE initiative ensures we have the best experts in the industry to collect, integrate, monitor and analyze SLS and LWD data.


SIGNALS Drilling Advisory Service

The SIGNALS drilling advisory service identifies leading indicators that will provide opportunities to substantially reduce the amount of NPT and ILT while drilling a well.

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