SIGNALS Drilling Advisory Service

Baker Hughes SIGNALS drilling advisory service identifies operational inefficiencies and proactively mitigates drilling-related risks in real time to enable the delivery of wells safely, on plan, and within budget projections. 

During the drilling process, operators continually observe and react to a complex interaction of geologic, hydraulic, mechanical, and human factors, based on real-time data from several data sources. When one or more of these factors misalign, and the integrated data is not critically monitored on a 24/7 basis, the results may be hazardous, time consuming, and costly. Industry sources indicate that non-productive time (NPT), which is related to wellbore problems and equipment failures, can account for 10-40% of an operator’s budget.

Invisible lost time (ILT), which is related to operational efficiencies, such as time to make a connection or to trip pipe and run casing, has been reported in the range of 20-40% additional operating costs. In addition to the real-time analysis of over 35 key-performance indicators (KPI), Baker Hughes SIGNALS personnel critically analyze time-based surface data from historical offset wells to establish field-wide benchmarks for each hole section and identify best practices, leading to the most efficient drilling process.

The SIGNALS service leverages remotely-located skilled personnel, combined with smart visualization, KPI monitoring, and complex alarm software, to identify leading indicators of problems related to equivalent circulating density (ECD) management, hole cleaning, torque and drag, drilling dynamics and operational efficiency. With pre-well analysis and diligent monitoring of real-time data on a 24/7 basis, SIGNALS personnel identify opportunities to substantially reduce the amount of NPT and ILT during the drilling process. Using established communication and escalation protocols, the SIGNALS staff provide timely recommendations based on interpretations of the data trends observed, resulting in reduced costs, improved efficiency, and a safer wellsite environment.

WellLink Performance Service

The WellLink Performance service provides dynamic event and exception management, KPI monitoring, predictive analytics, and proactive reporting of critical business information in oil and gas drilling operations.

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