Borehole Seismic Acquisition Services

Save time and ensure data quality

Our borehole seismic acquisition services offer a complete range of purpose-built dedicated seismic logging systems. They include a fully integrated system with borehole seismic capabilities within the openhole ECLIPS™ logging unit. They also include our stand-alone borehole seismic data acquisition system and portable PC-based system for quick deployment and remote operations.

They’re efficient and reliable data acquisition systems for your borehole seismic applications. They allow for detailed quality control, including downhole data integrity, surface and downhole instrumentation tests, source monitoring, and navigation information. These ensure data quality.

Seismic logging systems have the flexibility to record digital and analog downhole receivers and surface channels. They also interface with 3D surface seismic systems, allowing for simultaneous surface and downhole data acquisition.

Real-time QC displays enables monitoring of energy source firing, raw data recording, tool depth, and cable tension. Borehole seismic data field processing is performed at the wellsite. Data transmission from location to office or our processing and interpretation centers happens via traditional dial-up, wireless, and satellite communication.

Integrated TASMAN Navigation System

Our TASMAN™ navigation system meets or exceeds all specifications for land and marine VSP positioning accuracy, QC, and reporting. Using Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS)—from local reference stations to satellite-conveyed corrections—accurate navigation positioning is performed anywhere worldwide. Custom software packages, running on a PC platform, control and log all position data, and produce real-time QC displays. They also manage telemetry between the source and recording unit from the simplest surveys to the most complex 3D.

Our purpose-built TASMAN navigation system delivers highly accurate, repeatable, shotpoint positioning in any pattern. Interface between the TASMAN navigation system and seismic acquisition system ensures accurate, comprehensive recording of survey parameters and positioning data.


WAVI-VSP Walkalong Vertical Incident Service

Optimize reservoir characterization in deviated wellbores by enhancing vertical seismic profiling with the WAVI-VSP™ service.