WAVI-VSP Walkalong Vertical Incident Service

Maximize reservoir understanding with improved seismic imaging in deviated wells

The Baker Hughes WAVI-VSP™ walkalong vertical incident service advances the capabilities of vertical seismic profiling in deviated wellbores. Using a series of mini-walkaway lines in an innovative survey design and the Baker Hughes TASMAN™ source positioning system, the WAVI-VSP service increases both the number and uniformity of ray paths used to generate sub-surface images. Advanced processing of WAVI-VSP data offers a clear understanding of the geological structure and improves resource characterization.

Understanding the reservoir

Vertical seismic profiling (VSP) in deviated wellbores offers the opportunity to image the geological structure, at and below the trajectory of the well, in much higher resolution than is available from surface seismic data alone.

The advent of more capable multi-level downhole receiver arrays has allowed a dramatic improvement in service efficiency. Longer arrays allow more data to be acquired, while, at the same time, using less rig time. As the receiver arrays have grown in length, the common practice has been to position the seismic source vertically above the mid-point of an array, so that data is simultaneously acquired by a set of receivers from a single seismic source point. This geometry has the consequence of introducing an acquisition footprint into the data, which often can only be partly compensated for during data processing.

Improving the picture

The WAVI-VSP service delivers answers that conventional seismic methods cannot provide. By ensuring that a true vertical seismic record is made for each geophone position in the wellbore, artifacts associated with traditional data collection are eliminated entirely.

WAVI-VSP datasets have a far higher source-receiver density with a more even distribution of ray paths. Processing can be applied to extract not only the vertical-incident data but also the much higher-fold offset data. The results are significantly improved images that can resolve finer detail and reduce uncertainty in interpreting geological structure around and below the wellbore.

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