Borehole Seismic Deployment

Deploy seismic tools in extreme borehole conditions

Our borehole seismic deployment methods allow successful data acquisition for any wellbore—in any environment with any geometric complexity. Our seismic tools deploy via standard wireline, slammer cable, drillpipe, pumpdown, well tractor, and coiled-tubing conveyance systems.

Obtain high-quality VSP data through drillpipe
Using our PipeSeis™ through-drillpipe VSP method, we obtain high-quality VSP data in highly deviated wells. Our well-established service offers a safe, cost-effective, time-saving alternative to pipe-conveyed acquisition.

Our PipeSeis through-drillpipe technique utilizes CERBERUS™ wireline tension/drag/pumping modeling to optimize acquisition parameters while working closely with the drilling department. Experienced PipeSeis specialists deploy the tool via pumpdown and use real-time monitoring of downhole signal quality to optimize receiver placement. It’s a safe deployment as the tool never lies in open hole.

This acquisition method allows data gathering without the use of of pipe-conveyed logging (PCL). This translates into considerable rig-time savings. PipeSeis service produces time-depth data and a high-quality, high-frequency VSP image below wellbore with increased resolution over surface seismic sections.