Downhole Instruments

Enhance production and development

Borehole seismic services downhole instruments offer detailed reservoir imaging data that enhance production and field development.   

Single, dual, and slim receivers
We offer borehole seismic services in many environments. Standard tools have high-pressure and high-temperature ratings. We offer ultrahigh-pressure and temperature tools for hostile environments.

We have a variety of 3C systems for slimhole operations. Downhole receivers are conveyed on drillpipe, production tubing, or coiled tubing. The systems run with many openhole logging services to reduce rig time.

The basic systems operate in single- or dual-level configurations on wireline and work with gamma tools. An additional hydrophone module on slim tools facilitates wavefield separation for processing data from horizontal holes.

The tools are combined with gyroscope, gamma ray, 4C hydrophone, cement evaluation logs, and openhole logging instruments, minimizing runs and rig time.

Multilevel receiver systems
Multilevel receiver systems suit complex or challenging surveys, such as 3D VSP and microseismic monitoring. Systems adapt to any survey type. Multilevel tools have 1 to 100 receivers. Vertical aperture records 3D VSPs and complex walkaway surveys in a single setting, saving rig time.

MaxiWave array tool
The MaxiWave™ array tool has up to 100 three-component receivers. The advanced telemetry allows up to 4 Mbit/s telemetry rates and enables superior quality 3D VSPs and walkaway surveys. A large vertical aperture produces high-resolution reservoir images, saving rig time.

Better reservoir understanding optimizes production and field development planning. Samples rates are up to 1/4 ms. This is ideal for hydraulic fracture monitoring. Safe deployment and retrieval, high-frequency response, and adaptability suit complex surveys and microseismic projects.

MAXIWAVE is a trademark of SERCEL Societe Anonyme.

GeoWaves array tool
The multilevel GeoWaves™ array tool records VSPs. The tool is semipermanently installed in a fixed position for passive monitoring, such as hydraulic fracturing mapping or reservoir monitoring. The tool records large surveys, such as 3D VSPs and 4D VSPs for detailed, time-lapse reservoir imaging. This tool, which is lightweight and easily deployed and maintained, has superior telemetry rates and suits extreme environments.

GEOWAVES is a trademark of SERCEL Societe Anonyme.

Geochain array tool
The 3C Geochain™ system deploys up to 42 satellites in a single well. Variable intertool spacing optimizes survey design. The array operates for long periods in high-temperature wells: 356 deg. F [180 deg. C]. The tool is modular and easily expandable. The system has standard tools that are adapted to run in a multilevel configuration ideal for different survey objectives.

The 25,000-psi [172.4-MPa] high-pressure Geochain HP25™ system works in the deepest and most challenging deepwater wells.

The Geochain system is a trademark of Avalon Sciences Ltd.

We deploy up to eight MSR™ multilevel receivers in slimholes. The design decouples the receiver from the satellite body. A high-frequency response of over 600 Hz makes the MSR system ideal for microseismic or hydraulic fracture studies. This runs on monocable wireline or in slimhole [<2 in.] conditions.