Borehole Seismic Sources and Source Control

Deploy seismic sources and source controllers quickly

Our borehole seismic sources and source controllers quickly deploy from a rig or offset source vessel, reducing costly rig time. 

Energy sources and source controllers

Borehole seismic logging systems interface with vibrator electronics, airgun, and explosives controllers. Our proprietary airgun controller offers advanced VSP airgun synchronization. It controls up to 16 airguns at each eight-source location. Microembedded PC controls automatically tune large airgun arrays. The controls also record individual gun timing, sensor signals, near- and far-field hydrophones, gun pressure, and depth information.

Data acquisition and quality control
We own and operate borehole seismic sources worldwide from Vibroseis to impulsive sources with fully integrated source controllers. These offer flexibility to match surface seismic parameters on surveys.

Vibroseis - compressional and shear-wave vibrators
Vibroseis offers reliability and repeatability with increased signal-to-noise ratio. Broadband sweep and controlled source input result in exact matching of surface seismic parameters.

Impulsive sources - explosives and tuned airgun arrays
Impulsive sources offer high-energy, broadband output. They’re ideal for remote and marine operations. Our tuned airgun arrays are repeatable and reliable.

H-Rack tuned array consists of four airguns in two clusters and can be outfitted from 400 to 900 in3. It’s reliable and compact for easy transport and safe deployment.

Deep Penetrating Focused Array (DPFA) source

The Deep Penetrating Focused ArrayTM (DPFATM) source’s patented design addresses deepwater, deep-well, and long-source offset surveys. Six guns are uniquely positioned for optimal results. Its 1,350-in3 output in a framework is built for safe, easy deployment. Our DPFA operates in dual mode for even greater output.

Buried airgun array

Our proprietary buried airgun array delivers reduced energy absorption and higher penetration. It’s an efficient solution for unconsolidated source environments, particularly transition-zone and swamp. It suits high-resolution VSP surveys and is highly repeatable and appropriate for time-lapse VSP surveys. It eliminates static correction changes for intermediate and final VSPs.