Cased-Hole Wireline Services

Minimize interventions and NPT

Baker Hughes cased-hole wireline services offer fit-for-purpose technology that solves your operational and evaluation needs. Extensive training ensures dependable operations, reducing surprises that slow or bring your operations to a halt. In 2009, our wireline professionals recorded 131,000 training hours, ensuring safer, more efficient operations. 

We have a complete range of downhole electric wireline services for every well environment, including cased-hole advanced formation evaluation, production and reservoir engineering, and petrophysical and geophysical data-acquisition services.

In addition, perforating and completion technologies, pipe recovery, cement and pipe evaluation, data management, processing and analysis of openhole and cased-hole data complete the service range. With this diversity in knowledge and capability, we minimize interventions and NPT.


Production Logging

Our production logging services efficiently and accurately evaluate your well performance.


Well Integrity

Our suite of Well Integrity services offers you the right answers for early detection of faults or defects in your downhole systems and components.


Pipe Recovery

We have the technology, tools, and expertise to solve specific stuck-pipe problems safer and more economically.


Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems

We engineer and build perforating systems that perform as you expect every time.


Reservoir Evaluation

Cased Hole Formation Evaluation services identify zones of opportunity in cased wells.

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