Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems

Enhance production from consistent performance

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Tubing-Conveyed Perforating
Achieve maximum production using efficient completion solutions.

Since perforating is more than just putting a hole into a pipe, we engineer and build perforating systems that perform as you expect every time. We know how to do this because we were the first company to perforate an oil well nearly 80 years ago. Our experience has proven that critical parameters of a perforating gun’s design or performance can have positive or negative effects on the perforated completion. We design our gun systems based on your unique application: natural completion, frac completion, or sand-control completion.

The first step is working with your team to gain an understanding of your reservoir and the completion challenges. With this information, we can model the best approach to completing your well, including wireline, slickline, coiled-tubing conveyed, or tubing-conveyed perforating. During the completion, we run gauges to monitor the perforation event, which verifies the model and also enables us to improve the modeling for your future operations.

TerraCONNECT Center Perforating Flow Laboratory

Our 100-acre perforating R&D facility houses our TerraCONNECT Center™ perforating flow laboratory, which simulates a wide range of well conditions and flow measurement options related to the performance and flow efficiency of perforating completions. Core samples from your reservoir can be perforated and flow-tested in our lab to predict reservoir response.

Dynamic-event modeling software

Modeling of the perforating event is essential to predicting well performance and operational success. Our PulseFrac™ software enables

  • dynamic or static underbalance modeling
  • propellant-assisted perforating modeling
  • wellbore shock modeling

Debris Management Systems

Debris management systems greatly reduce total debris generated and make remaining debris easily treatable. Your cleaner perforations and wellbores lead to a more productive well.


Dynamic Underbalance Optimization (DUO) Service

DUO™ optimizes flow efficiency of the perforated completion by removing the crush zone in the perforating tunnel, leading to a cleaner connection to your reservoir.


Horizontal Oriented Perforating System (HOPS)

Our Horizontal Oriented Perforating System(HOPS™) allows long intervals to be perforated in the correct orientation in deviated and horizontal wellbores.


Live-Well and Advanced Deployment Systems

Our live-well deployment systems deploy and retrieve perforating guns without the need to kill the well after perforating.


StimGun Propellant-Assisted Perforating System

Our StimGun™ propellant stimulation products dynamically clean and stimulate the near-wellbore area.


Pine Island Perforating Technology Center

Our Perforating Technology Center houses comprehensive R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing resources, and a perforating flow laboratory.


Perforating Charges

Our perforating charges are engineered for specific completion requirements. They come in a wide range of gun sizes, shot density, shot-phasing options and temperature ratings.



Our PulsFrac™ software calculates dynamic wellbore behavior, flow, and fracturing triggered by energetic sources such as perforating charges and propellant burn.


SurePerf Rapid Select-Fire System

The Baker Hughes SurePerf™ rapid select-fire system perforates production zones in a single run ensuring no zones are missed and safety measures are surpassed.

Pine Island Perforating Technology Center

Our Perforating Technology Center houses comprehensive R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing resources, and a perforating flow laboratory.

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