SurePerf Rapid Select-Fire System

Selectively perforate production zones in a single run

The SurePerf™ rapid select-fire perforating system perforates all desired production zones in a single run. It is a reliable firing system that allows for fast and efficient perforating that avoids lost operating time.

Increase perforating efficiency through improved reliability

The SurePerf system employs a proprietary electrical ballistic transfer system and requires no wiring on site. The system provides the possibility (on customer’s request) for additional guns in the string for flexibility and redundancy. In case of a detonation failure, the SurePerf rapid select-fire system simply skips the gun in question and moves to the next one capturing desired zones and ensuring production goals are met.

Enhance safety during perforating operations

Baker Hughes follows American Petroleum Institute-recommended practices to ensure that arming procedures for the SurePerf rapid select-fire system are safe, and operations are fast and efficient. The design of the SurePerf system removes the mechanical triggering procedures used in other systems and ensures the electric before-ballistic arming process for all runs—rendering it unnecessary to arm and make up individual guns.

Reduce NPT

With the use of modular electronic technology, pre-built components, and a proprietary electrical ballistic transfer mechanism, the SurePerf rapid select-fire system enables operators to get in and out of the well in less time. With no manual wiring occurring at the rigsite and no moving parts to contend with, the risk of downtime is removed, saving time and money.

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